About Us

Here in San Francisco, we care about our community and our workplaces not only in a time of trouble, but all times. We crafted WFH Care Packages with attention to detail and empathy during a time when we need a morale boost most. 

Based in the heart of San Francisco, we are a couple who have been working from home due to the implications of COVID-19 since early March. An increasing amount of cities around the country have ordered people to "stay home except for essential needs". Although working from home honors the flexibility that employees have earned through consistent hard work, many are facing difficulties adjusting to the drastic change of isolation and fear of the unknown. We have certainly felt this, and many of our colleagues across industries have echoed similar sentiments. 

We want to do something small to turn the negative, fearful dialogue around. Our solution is to send small care packages to our co-workers and team members, as a quick, easy way to share positive encouragement, while we are practicing social distancing. After receiving overwhelming amounts of validation and support, we have created this site to allow people across the country to send boxes to their WFH employees and co-workers, showing them that they care, too.

We do not underestimate the impact that a small token of gratitude like a care package can make. We hope that WFH Care Packages will not only boost the morale of your team during these unprecedented times, but also reinforce that employees are more than the work they do; they are the spirits that power our companies and our world to reach new heights.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us